AP Government
Power Point Notes

Unit 1:

Constitutional Principles Federalism Modern Federalism
The Constitutional Convention Federalist/Anti-Federalists 1 Federalist/Anti-Federalists 2
Federalism - Necessary and Proper Debate Politics of Federalism

Unit 2:

Political Culture - Changing Values Rise of the American Electorate Voting Behavior
Political Culture - Mistrust of Government Political Ideology Reasons for Low Voter Turnout
Factors That Influence Political Attitudes Third Parties Public Opinion

Political Parties

Development of Political Parties Historical Development Functions
Political Spectrum Why a Two Party System Structure Today
US Parties as Broad Coalitions Woll Readings - Ppt Third Parties (same as above)

Unit 3
Interest Groups - History and Formation Interest Groups - How They Work Interest Groups in Action
Interest Groups - Types Political Parties and PACs Primaries and Caucuses 2012
Elections and Campaigns - Money Elections and Campaigns - Reform The Media 1
Elections and Campaigns - Nominating Conventions Elections and Campaigns - Road to the Presidency The Media 2

Unit 4
How Congress Works The Presidency - Powers Judiciary
President and Congress - War Powers The Presidency - Limits Supreme Court
Federal Bureaucracy